Safe For The Whole Human Family

We are so grateful to work with an amazing team of administrators, teachers and therapists. We have carefully and thoughtfully created a program that is both educational and therapeutic to achieve optimal results. We have made processing emotions as easy as feelings, moments, and choice.

We are Passionate about Teaching Kids How to Take Control of Their Emotions

Why We Created inUpowers

During the last decade, I had the unique opportunity to work with a diverse group of people. Interestingly, there was a common theme I began to hear over and over regardless of the person's background. Sadly, that theme was "I'm not enough." Those feelings manifested themselves in different ways, (many times resulting with emotional explosions), but the messaging was typically the same critical self-talk. These were wonderful high achieving individuals, but they simply did not appreciate their uniqueness or understand their self worth. It has become my mission to teach people that they matter. In thinking about what I could do, it became very

clear that focusing on emotions and creating a safe environment to express emotions was the right starting point. It's also equally important to allow others to feel and process their emotions. No matter your circumstance or where you are from, everyone experiences emotion. Our emotions connect us to ourselves and to others. It is my desire that as you learn about the inUpowers that you will discover the beautiful and unique things that make you special. As you learn and gain those insights about your own self worth, we encourage you to join our fight in helping others understand how much they matter.

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Help Your Loved Ones Develop the Power to Choose Their Response to Life's Many Situations