The inUpowers is a training program that helps you learn how to recognize and label your feelings, take mindful moments to process them, and learn how to make healthy choices.  Our curriculum was created in an effort to help educators and their students navigate tough emotions. We used teachers, administrators, as well as therapists to help us design our curriculum which is why it works. Enroll today and start building safe connections through healthy communication. 

inUpowers Helps You Choose Healthy Behaviors Despite Your Circumstances

Since June of 2020, a study by USAFACTS showed that 48% of Americans were feeling down, depressed, or hopeless. When it comes to anxiety, 60% of American adults experienced a frequency of feeling nervous, anxious, or on edge. While it seems that the statistics were greatly affected by employment status, the highest rates of anxiety or depression symptoms were generally reported by younger Americans. Rates decrease with each subsequent age group. Showing that people in their 70’s reported the lowest percentage at 15%, although there was a slight uptick among people 80 or older to 16%. Since That study was conducted, the number of

Americans who reported feeling symptoms of either depression or anxiety have lowered slightly since the pandemic, but still remain elevated. Feeling emotions is such an important part of our human experience. People react to emotions in various ways; this includes: anger, frustration, stress, heartache, depression, and jealousy. Many times we can get stuck when we experience intense emotions, which is why it is so important to process them in healthy ways. The inUpowers is a powerful tool that teaches you how to identify and label your feelings, how to use mindful moments to process them, and most importantly, how to choose healthy behaviors.


Americans who experience symptoms of Depression


Americans who experience symptoms of Anxiety


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A Training Program for Everyone

The inUpowers is an effective program that is educational and exploratory for children of all ages. The characters are brilliantly crafted and colorful to convey emotions and struggles that are relatable to everyone. At a young age, children learn and comprehend facial expressions and other body language from people around them in their environments. The facial expressions of the inUpower characters are similar to our own, yet they are quite unique and simple to understand. 

We all have basic emotions: mad, sad, happy or feeling excited. This program not only introduces positive emotions, but it presents the opposite emotions. It explains and teaches that feeling emotions are normal. There are basic coping strategies and thought processes to manage overwhelming emotions. We can help children understand that through freedom of choice, they can problem solve and choose to respond rather than react. Another benefit to inUpowers is that it continues to implement additional concepts as children get older.

Children will develop the following skills, which are age appropriate, through the inUpowers program

Social Awareness

Self Management

Self Awareness

Relationship Skills

Responsible Decision Making

The inUpowers Program

Our curriculum was created in an effort to help educators and their students navigate tough emotions. Our program uses animated characters we call the inUpowers that represent emotions that we all experience, and half of the characters are reactive behaviors while the other half are proactive behaviors.

Our 12 week program focuses on explaining each character, their behavioral traits, and the foundational principles they are based on. Once that is established, we share an application tool that uses the inUpowers to identify and resolve intense emotions.

What You Get

Our program is divided into two different categories. The first is our educational curriculum for teachers and homeschoolers. The second, is for therapists and school counselors. Our educational program provides lesson plans for each grade and cognitive level for pre-k through sixth grade, as well as: guided group discussions, activities, vocabulary words, stories, scenarios, coloring sheets, and a digital resources guide that can be printed out from home.

As part of our training program we also offer short training modules that go into greater detail explaining the inUpowers and the most effective ways to use them, as well as questions to help with curriculum retention. 

Helping in the Healing Journey

Our therapeutic program is a powerful program that uses the inUpowers as a deeper resource in clinical settings in order to help a therapist get to the root cause of a patient's emotional crisis. Because we apply therapeutic modalities to the inUpowers, only licensed therapists can use this tool. Along with suggested modalities, our program also offers structured group and rec therapies.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you say that inUpowers are based in therapeutic modalities, what does that mean?
Therapeutic modalities refer to the different techniques, methods, or approaches that are used in a counseling setting. One of the methods we use is a mindfulness exercise that helps ground a child when they are struggling emotionally. Our approach is unique because we use the inUpowers to not only process emotions, but to resolve them.
Where does the inUpowers name come from?
Our whole program focuses on building emotional resilience. We want everyone to feel reassured that they have the power within them to overcome tough emotions. The inUpowers name reminds us all that the power is in ‘U’ to make healthy choices.
What is included in the lesson plans?
The lesson plans include conversation starters perfect for a group setting with scenarios using the inUpowers that are appropriate for each grade. These include small activities that teach better self awareness and conflict resolution. Also included are vocabulary words and word prompts that can be taken home for families to discuss.
How can flashcards be used in the classroom?
There are many different ways to use the inUpowers flash cards in the classroom or at home. Here are a few recommendations. Use as a memory game to learn and discuss each of the inUpowers. The flashcards are great to use first thing in the morning or after recess. Students pull out the card that represents how they are feeling in that particular moment. This is a great way for a teacher to quickly guage the tone of the classroom and if something needs to be addressed. For our non verbal students this is especially helpful where the inUpowers imagery is so strong that they can express their feelings by pointing to a character. A child can also pull out a flashcard to let their teacher know they are struggling .without disrupting instruction time. This lets a teacher know they need to speak with that child without needing to disrupt instruction time.
Does it take long to learn the inUpowers?
No! We understand the pressures of teaching and the limited time you have to learn and adapt to new programs. We’ve made everything so simple that there is very little to no prep to begin teaching the inUpowers. You can simply read the lesson plan and begin great conversations in your classroom. Our training modules are short and provide additional understanding of the characters. They are designed to go at your own pace and are easy to go back to for review.
Do the inUpowers really work?
Yes, the inUpowers really work because they take you through a process called the inUpowerment cycle. This process is simple and not time consuming and helps a child recognize and process their emotions so that they can then move on to solving the issue. Our entire program is based on the importance of making good choices. The inUpowerment Cycle is so effective because it consistently trains the brain to think of ways to resolve a problem. We then strongly highlight and praise a child when they have made a good choice. This process builds confidence and empowers a child.
Who are the inUpowers for?
The inUpowers are for everyone. They are non threatening characters that can help us all to recognize our feelings. They are effective in the classroom, at home, or a counseling office.

Our Program Pricing

Our program consists of certifications and curriculum that are divided into three grade groupings.


Help Your Loved Ones Develop the Power to Choose Their Response to Life's Many Situations