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Help Children Learn How to Navigate Difficult Emotions!

The inUpowers is a training program that helps you learn how to recognize and label your feelings, take mindful
moments to process them, and learn how to make healthy choices. Our curriculum was created to help educators and their students navigate tough emotions. We used teachers, administrators, as well as therapists to help design our curriculum.

Our program uses illustrated characters called the inUpowers that represent emotions that we all experience. Our program is broken down into three units that fit well into a semester and that focus on explaining each character, their behavioral traits, and the foundational principles they are based on. Once that is established, we share powerful tools and approaches that use the inUpowers to identify and resolve intense emotions. These tools and methods for using and applying the characters and principles provide an integrated program based on therapeutic modalities which is why it is so effective.


The core function and responsibility of an inUpowers sales representative is to increase sales by stated quotas, add new customers while guarding against attrition of existing accounts, and driving aggressive revenue growth. Sales reps will generate new customer acquisitions and expand existing business, with a strong initial emphasis on individual social media lead gen and digital conversion / sales:

  • With individual public school teachers, homeschool teachers and/or parents, and educational micro influencers
  • To private and charter schools
  • In public schools and districts within a specific territory

..and more

Sales reps are expected to become trained on the inUpowers program and develop a thorough understanding of the product, its value proposition, benefits, successful use cases, and fluency with the inUpowers characters, principles, terms, and tools. Reps will grow sales of products and services through use of solution selling methods, understanding customer needs, and a strict focus on adding value to inUpowers customers and end users -- who are usually children grades K-6.
Reps will ensure proper fulfillment of orders and digital delivery and provide customer support as needed.


The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in generating, driving and expanding sales and currently works or has worked in a sales role with direct selling experience -- online, social media, telesales, and/or in-person (door-to-door or "summer sales" experience may be considered if needs-based consultative approaches and methods can be demonstrated).

  • Not required but helpful if understands K-12 buying cycles and sales process.
  • Proven track record of hitting sales targets.
  • Goal-achiever with a strong work ethic.
  • Team player who can share, play nice, collaborate with, build, and learn from others.
  • Strong organizational, time management, and personal skills to successfully communicate and negotiate with internal and external customers.
  • Self-organizing, self-initiating, detail-oriented, driven and highly-motivated.
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills.
  • Good with people and building relationships.
  • Is comfortable using social media platforms. Ideally, understands social media algorithms.


We offer the unique, resume-building chance to "be there" at the start of an exciting new Idaho born and based educational technology (EdTech) startup and help us build, grow, and expand into new markets!

  • Work at the highest levels within K-12 school districts.
  • Potential opportunity to grow into a highly strategic role.
  • Get free inUpowers training and access to the program.
  • Possible Internship or Senior Project opportunities.
  • Receive regular sales training from experienced, seasoned sales professionals.
  • Letter of recommendation for job placements for senior projects and internships.

We Are Professionals

Every member of our team is expected to represent the inUpowers brand with the utmost professionalism, integrity, and laser-focused customer-centric approach and commitment to serving, lifting, educating, supporting, and providing value to each other, to the full inUpowers team, and to every contact, whether they become a customer or not.

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