inUpowers Characters

U-BE [yōō-bē]

Unique-Brilliant Energy

Hi, I'm U-BE! I'm a heart and my full name is Unique Brilliant Energy. I'm constant and steady, always giving you regular boosts of fuel just because you exist. I'm dependable, safe, and right here with you. Whether you're awake or asleep, and feeling happy or sad, every beat of my heart reminds you that you have a soul of unique brilliant energy too!

WAM [wam]

What About Me

Hey, over here! What About Me? Just in case you didn't know, I'm WAM. I'm right here. I'm a big, green, hollow tornado so you should hear and see me coming. I leave an obvious path and deserve to be acknowledged. It must be your fault for not seeing me. It's definitely not my fault. No one ever gets that right. You have to fix that and should apologize to me. How rude!

POP [pŏp]

Progress Over Perfection

Hi, I'm POP, Progress Over Perfection. I'm a brain full of wisdom and courage. I wear glasses with two different lenses to remind me to see things from another's perspective. I love my injuries, scars, and cane-like POL [powl] because they are simply Proof of Living and help me to be grateful for my life. Whenever you're feeling pressured to hurry up and be the best, use wisdom and courage to seek progress over perfection.

OSI [ō-sē]

Obliviously Selfishly Incinerating

Hello, world! I'm OSI, a blazing, scorching fireball that is going straight to the top. My full name is Obliviously Selfishly Incinerating. Some say that I spark and burn people, but I don't see it. I have more talent, skills, and abilities than you and I am capable of achieving enviable greatness. I am frantically driven to ensure my place at the top. I don't care who I have to burn along the way. All I know is, my flame will be the biggest.

BEA [bē]

Breathe Essential Ability

Oh, hello there! I'm BEA. I'm lungs and a golden voice box and my full name is Breathe Essential Ability. My talents include patience, love, acceptance, and withholding judgment. And I know that I can accomplish hard things. I'll sit next to you in my freedom chair and help you feel safe as we breathe, cry, and laugh together. I'll gladly use my lungs and golden voice box to teach you how to accomplish hard things too, like finding your voice, speaking up, and being heard.

SUE [su]

Severe Unraveling Event

You didn't expect me, but here I am. When I show up, you are devastated, and you are changed forever. I have that effect on people. Whether you felt the catastrophe that brought me or not, you will be severely damaged by my impact. I am a powerful tsunami that abruptly knocks you off your foundation. I am an indiscriminate destroyer of everything in my path. I transform previously trusted structures into fast-moving and continuously-growing mountains of precarious debris. Just when you think you're safe, the riptide can suck you back to sea. I leave behind an unbelievable minefield of fragmented shards of what used to be. After I slam into you, it will take a team to clear the baggage and debris. You'll never forget me. I pack a painful punch and often hit you more than once. I am SUE, the aftermath of a Severe Unraveling Event.

PEG [peg]

Protective Encouraging Guidance

Hey there! I'm PEG, a gut full of Protective Encouraging Guidance just for you. It takes a lot of old-fashioned hard work to process everything you ingest, and I'm happy to do it. After sorting through all your stuff, I'll send the good things through to nourish you and sanitarily dispose of the rest so as not to make a mess in someone else's pasture. When things get really tough, I'll use the heel of my boot to dig in and help you get through the muck. When you feel butterflies, remember that's me either pointing out the truth or warning you of danger. Please pay attention, because I'm looking out for your best interests. It's important to listen to your gut!

FOG [fog]

Fear of Growth

H-h-hello. My name is FOG, or Fear of Growth. I am a misty cloud with not much substance. I have lots of great ideas and almost do a lot of great things. The only problem is that as my fog grows, it prevents me from seeing things as they really are. I get blinded and lose my way. Sometimes my fear even blinds others. I don't mean to cause so many problems. I just get stuck in feeling afraid of everything. I'm afraid of making the wrong choice, but I'm afraid of making a really right choice too, because then people might notice me. I'm also afraid people might forget about me and I won't be included in the group. I'm afraid of staying stuck, but I'm afraid of moving forward too. What if I'm not enough? What if I can't do it? Maybe I'll stay right here. This looks like a good spot.

SIS [sis]

Soul Integrity Sisters

Hi! We're the Soul Integrity Sisters and you can call us SIS. We are sparkly, light-filled eyes. You know, the windows to your soul. We're twin sisters. My name is Truth and I love the color yellow. I'm Respect and I love the color indigo. We seek the light and prefer to work together because when you use truth and respect you act with integrity and see amazing things you didn't see before. We make friends everywhere we go because we find truth and respect in every circumstance, family, and culture. Remember, we all live under the same light from the sun, moon, and stars. Isn't it great that we are all part of the same human family? Come on, friend! Let's go play!

RAE [rā]

Rage Anxiety Explosion

(Internal dialogue: "I have to say 'hello.' What if I say it wrong? Agh! What is my problem? Just say it!") My name is RAE, or Rage Anxiety Explosion. I'm fairly private and keep my concerns to myself in my thundercloud head. When it gets too full the rain leaks out. I don't expect you to understand. I just get so frustrated and then it makes me so angry! Sometimes I just can't take it anymore and the lightning strikes. The littlest things can set me off. There's always a storm brewing in my thundercloud, you can count on that. I try to keep it all under control, but then my rain gushes and lightning bolts explode when I least expect it. Sorry. I didn't mean to lash out at you, but gosh, will you just get it together?! (What is wrong with me?)

FIL [fil]

Fullness in Living

Hi there! I'm FIL, Fullness In Living! I am a muscle. I love being a bicep and never try to be a quadricep. Each day I'm driven to be more than I was yesterday, know that I'm not yet what I will be, and am fulfilled with who I am today. Each day I strive for my personal best. I challenge myself to get stronger, respect my limits, and allow myself to recover. I love to build teams where we synergize everyone's unique weaknesses, strengths, gifts, and talents to lift and build each other. We're better together. Yep, that includes you too! There's always a place for you here on the inUpowers team.

ETE [et]

Everything to Everyone

Hello everyone! I'm ETE, Everything To Everyone. I'm a sandstorm and shift my shape to match your needs. I'm too tired to figure out who I am and what I need, but that's okay because I get to be and do whatever you need me to! I know I'll never be enough, but I'll always work very hard in order to please you. Whew! Thanks for the break. Sorry. What would you like me to do next?


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